Our Product

relev8r-logoWhat is it?

Relev8r is a revolutionary new technology that generates personalized landing pages in real-time based on the current visitor's user data.

How does it work?

Each landing page uses a combination of data points from each visitor to craft the most relevant user experience possible. After analyzing the current visitor's user data, it reaches into its vast content database and pulls ranked content into a pre-defined template that is optimized for the highest conversion rate.

How does it REALLY work?

Relev8r uses a five-point data algorithm to examine the visitor as they arrive at each landing page:

  • Natural Language Processing: Relev8r analyzes the structure of the keyword phrase or visitor directive that was searched and breaks it down into its core components. Any content is processed and categorized for relevance to the visitor.
  • Semantic Analysis: Further breaking down the keyword phrase or user directive, Relev8r deciphers the meaning and context of the directive and categorizes it into a set of actions.
  • Inference Analysis: Relev8r then attempts to detect the intent of the visitor using an inference engine and various data points, like the visitor's location, for example.
  • Persona Analysis: Using the analyzed data, the visitor is matched to a pre-defined user persona or a new one is created if no matches exist.
  • Content Curation: Content is ranked based upon the past actions of visitors with a similar persona. Relev8r then builds the landing page optimized for this specific visitor using the highest ranked content for this unique visitor.

Where does the technology exist?

Relev8r is hosted in a highly-available cloud-based environment designed to meet the most strict requirements for up-time and availability. Speed and responsiveness are of the utmost concern when it comes to ad networks like Google AdWords so we prioritize it above all else.

According to Marketing Sherpa (2012), "44% of all online advertisers send clicks directly to their homepage" instead of a custom landing page optimized to capture that lead.

Built for ConversionEach landing page template is designed to maximize the conversion rate of your advertising based upon years of best practices.

Real-time DataEach landing page is dynamically generated at the time of each visit using various data points to determine the optimal content for each unique visitor.

Adaptive Designed Landing PagesWe utilize adaptive design principals so each page is served specifically to fit the device that is viewing it.

fc-logo"We implemented Relev8r to deliver more relevant content based on individual searches. We hoped that it would increase our conversions and decrease our cost per lead. So far, our conversion rate has increased by 26.83% and our cost per lead has decreased by 16.4%."

- Phil P., Flight Centre