Our Team

David Gallello
  • Getting stuff done 98%
  • Annoying Brad 100%
  • Making Bret sigh 83%

David Gallello

Chief Conversion Officer

David has spent over 19 years in the technology space, working for organizations of all shapes and sizes. He began his career in 1995 at Insight Enterprises, a Fortune 500 global reseller of computer products and services, increasing their web site revenues from $240k per year to well over $12 million.

After 8 years at Insight, David moved to Washington D.C. to take on the role of Director of Online Businesses at HanleyWood, a publishing company in the housing and construction industry. There he led the online marketing and advertising for 13 separate business entities, each with its own P&L and marketing objectives.

He left HanleyWood in 2004 to work for an online start-up in the automotive industry increasing their online revenues from $90k to over $1.2 million annually.

Continuing with his entrepreneurial spirit, David started a web development business providing digital marketing and execution services to small businesses across the United States. He did this successfully for two years before joining forces with leading publisher and content marketer, McMurry, to run their business development and client services efforts.

In 2011, David began his career with Sitewire, a digital marketing agency based in Tempe, Arizona where he helped fuel the agency’s growth as their VP of Operations.

Brad Murry
  • Coding 99%
  • Trying to be funny 67%
  • Asking questions 94%

Brad Murry

Lead Architect

Brad is passionate about crafting high quality code using cutting edge tools and techniques with proven patterns. He loves to leverage emerging web technologies for innovative start-ups as well as mission-critical business applications. In essence, Brad likes to build really cool stuff. If it weren’t for Brad, we’d be using hamster wheels and duct tape to run this thing.

Brad has spent that last two years at Sitewire building really cool enterprise web applications for Fortune 500 clients. Prior to that he dabbled in robotics and machine learning at a company based in Utah. His passion is utilizing technology to make our lives easier in every way.

Bret Giles
  • Teaching 98%
  • Learning 93%
  • Living 100%

Bret Giles


Bret is known for his ability to enable measurable growth — whether for clients, for employees or for students. Bret’s passion to educate has led to the creation of Agencyside, Sitewire’s sister company that trains traditional agencies how to adapt to digital media. He also teaches the first and only Digital Marketing courses in the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

After several years in traditional advertising and a stint at SkyMall, Bret met Margie while they both worked at MicroAge, a Fortune 500 company. After five years, the two left to start Sitewire, where Bret has collaborated on ideas with many technology clients to create measurable, never-before-seen marketing outcomes. For almost a decade Bret played a key role in establishing long-term relationships with Sage Software and Avnet, in addition to engagements with Insight, Multiple Zones and Motorola. Bret continues to stay keenly aware of the rapidly changing technology space and remains focused on both emerging trends and new tools and technologies in the industry.

Bret is the recipient of numerous honors, including a ‘Forty Under 40’ Award, a ‘Best Bosses’ Award from Fortune Small Business magazine, an ‘SBDC Master Small Business Success’ Award and an ‘ASU Alumni’ Award from the WP Carey Spirit of Enterprise Center. He was also recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration, along with fellow co-founder Margie Traylor, as Arizona’s 2010 Small Business Person of the Year.

Margie Traylor
  • Networking 99%
  • Mentoring 95%
  • Having fun! 100%

Margie Traylor


Margie has a sixth sense, a keen ability that enables her to connect today’s actions with tomorrow’s opportunities. And that’s a good thing for Sitewire, the digital advertising agency she co-founded in 1999.
Her “sense” manifests itself through identification and nurturing of talent, new business opportunities, client growth and satisfaction, and converting ideas into profit. She is the fuel that powers connections, investing time in an existing business development methodology, then augmenting it into a proprietary differentiator that has enabled Sitewire to close 70% of the business it goes after. That business includes Fortune 500 clients like Kroger, Renesas, Avnet and Aetna.

Margie spent five years at MicroAge, a Fortune 500 Company. It was there she met future Sitewire co-founder, Bret Giles. During her tenure at MicroAge, Margie became a Vice President of E-commerce and was an integral part of the development of the company’s digital strategy and the rollout of its first e-commerce platform.

Both Margie and Sitewire prospered in the technology space, partnering with clients such as Insight, Multiple Zones, Motorola, Renesas, Sage Software and Avnet. Both Sage and Avnet remain long-standing Sitewire clients.

Margie received her accounting degree from ASU. She was later honored by ASU with the Entrepreneur Alumni Award from the Spirit of Enterprise Center. In 2010, she was honored to represent Arizona as recipient of the Small Business Person of the Year Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration.